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Conference Speaker at Nurse Practitioners 2021 Annual CE Conference
Yong J. An, Nurse Attorney, spoke recently at North Texas Nurse Practitioners 2021 Annual CE Conference on April 10, 2021 on Nursing Malpractice/Jurisprudence (1 CE)

Yong J. An, the distinguished Texas Nurse Lawyer, has been unwavering in his commitment to representing over 600 nurses before the Texas Board of Nursing since 2006. With a statewide legal practice dedicated to defending and fighting for nurses in Texas, Yong J. An has consistently demonstrated his in-depth legal expertise and proven track record. His comprehensive understanding of the laws and regulations governing nursing in Texas, coupled with his proactive approach, has secured favorable outcomes for numerous nurses facing legal challenges. Throughout his nearly two-decade tenure, Yong J. An has been a steadfast ally to Texas nurses, providing unwavering legal support and guidance, with a mission that goes beyond legal representation, aiming to empower nurses to navigate the intricate legal landscape with confidence and assurance

Houston Board of Nursing Complaint Process

Houston Board of Nursing Complaint Process

Houston nurse attorney can guide you on what happens when a complaint gets filed with the Texas Board of Nursing as well as the investigation, disciplinary and settlement process.  Houston nurse attorney Yong J. An has years of experience handling cases that get filed with the BON.
Protect Your Nursing License

Protect Your Nursing License

Are you facing allegations against you that may threaten your nursing license in Houston? Contact  Houston nurse attorney Yong J. An as soon as possible to ensure you take the appropriate steps and precautions to protect your nursing license as well as your rights while practicing nursing in the state of Texas.

Case Results

See what types of nursing license defense cases we have successfully handled in the State of Texas.  Contact us directly to speak to a Texas nurse lawyer today.

Client Testimonials

I searched for a Texas lawyer who is good at handling nursing defense cases. During my research, I came across the website of Mr. Yong. I read positive comments from his previous clients, which made me become more interested in what he does. Because of this, I tried to send a message via the website. What made me really happy was the fact that a member of his team responded right away! He was so nice to me. I wish there won’t come a time that I would require the services of a lawyer. But right now, I have to say that I will recommend his firm to those who are in need!


This attorney deserves a five-star rating from me! I love how he handled my case. He understood that nursing is my passion. Unfortunately, I got myself involved in compromising situations because I signed certain documents from the BON without knowing the possible implications. When these problems arose, I immediately called the Law Office of Yong J. An. Guess what? Attorney Yong did a great job in clearing my charges. If you had a similar problem as mine, do not hesitate to get in touch with Attorney Yong. He is an expert in the field of low. He will take care of your license! Thank you Yong!

Sweet Bee 

Attorney Yong is the type of lawyer who always goes an extra mile for his client. When I worked in a hospital, I committed some errors in documenting certain data or information. Because of this, my employer sent a report to the Texas BON. During that time, I felt so afraid. It was stressful for me because I thought that my license would be suspended or revoked.
However, my problems vanished when Mr. Yong entered the scene. I found him online because many people were talking about him. Well, it turned out that he is really an amazing lawyer! No wonder many people left positive comments and high ratings for him. He is really an expert when it comes to defending nursing licenses. He helped me in winning the case.


I highly recommend Yong for all your legal needs. I hired Mr. Yong to be my counsel for the proceedings before the BON. I had a non-disclosed misdemeanor charge. During the time when he was my attorney, he made me feel that he can be trusted. Whenever I need to talk to him, all I need to do is to call him. It felt great to know that he valued me as a client because he has always made himself available whenever I needed to discuss my case. He is such an amazing lawyer in Texas! The best nursing defense attorney in Texas.


The outcome for the case was so great! My case involved an investigation ordered by the Texas Board of Nursing due to my failure to join a program from TPAPN. To be honest, I thought that my case was on the losing end but Mr. Yong had his own way of turning things around. He represented me in all the hearings before the Board. It felt good to know that someone like him stayed with me through all my ups and downs involving my case. He updated me on what’s going on with my case. In just 12 months, the BON resolved the issue in my favor. I have to say that without Yong, my nursing license could have been revoked. He saved me from suffering an unfortunate event! I am grateful for his services. If you are looking for a nursing lawyer in Texas, make sure to hire him.


The nice thing about Mr. Yong is that he is an expert in the legal aspect of the nursing industry. He has this ability in helping clients to feel calm and more relaxed while the case is going on. With his efforts, he was able to dismiss the case filed against me. I was able to keep my nursing license because of him. My case was quite difficult but he won! This only shows that he is an amazing and skilled lawyer in Texas.


When I received a notice about a pending case before the Board, I was devastated. It was a difficult time in my life. I almost gave up but Mr. Yong helped me in moving forward. He was realistic about all the proceedings that we have to go through in order to defend my license. He also laid down the possible outcomes for my case. These acts helped me a lot in understanding my situation. He eventually got my case dismissed and for that reason, I will forever be grateful. Thank you, Attorney Yong.


Yong has a set of an excellent team! Each of them is so good at what they do. When I encountered a major problem regarding my nursing professional, the Law Firm of Yong J. An, became my savior. What I really like about his services is that he never fails to update me about the status of my case. It gave me a piece of mind while waiting for the order from the Board. I am so happy that I ended up in retaining his law firm for all my legal needs. Absolutely fantastic!


I consider Yong as the biggest blessing in my life for this year. While I was practicing as a professional nurse in Texas, I received an order from the BON limiting my practice. This was problematic for me since I wanted to continue working for my employer. Yong was the one who wrote a reply letter to the Board and explained my innocence. He made all the necessary arrangements, which led to the issuance of an order in my favor. I couldn’t thank him enough for everything he did for me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! He is so nice and great!!!


When I encountered a problem with my nursing license, the first thing I did was to get in touch with a lawyer. I was taken aback because the first attorney I contacted charged a high amount of professional fees and did not even give me a clear idea about the processes that we are going to take.
After that, I had a chance to meet Yong. When I called him, he asked me to meet in his office to discuss my dilemma. The transaction was fast and less stressful. He gave me the best and smartest legal advice. Because of his, I got a favorable order from the Texas BON. I highly recommend him to anyone!