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A nurse should assess every patient on their treatment. That is one of the appropriate ways in giving the best patient care. But if a nurse neglects to do it as a part of their job, they may face consequences. Hiring a nurse attorney for this matter is a good option to avoid the worst to happen. If not, a nurse may face disciplinary action and can be suspended if found guilty by the Board.

There is an incident that happened on or about September 17, 2019, through September 18, 2019, where an RN was employed at a hospital in Fort Hood, Texas, the RN failed to correctly assess a patient during the bolus and subsequent continual infusion of Magnesium Sulfate, as per physician orders. Specifically, the physician order stated that during the bolus the vitals were to be assessed every fifteen minutes for one hour, then every thirty minutes. The physician’s orders also stated to assess deep tendon reflexes hourly. Additionally, the RN failed to correctly assess and/or document the patient’s intake and output every hour during the infusion, as ordered. The RN’s conduct was likely to injure the patient from lack of appropriate nursing and medical care.

In response to the incident, the RN states that he received the patient from the emergency department and that the nurse informed him that he would need to initiate a magnesium bolus and drip. The RN states that this was his first time treating a patient with preeclampsia. He states that although he had never cared for a patient with preeclampsia, the admission orders included clear monitoring orders and he completed that required assessments of vitals, deep tendon reflexes, and lung sounds as ordered. He also states that he charted his assessments a little later so that he was able to also care for his other patients. He added that the vitals were taken on the monitors, but are not recorded in the electronic medical record until a nurse confirms them. Lastly, he states that he did monitor vital signs, deep tendon reflexes, and urine output appropriately and as ordered by the prescribing physician

The information and evidence received were the basis of the decision of the Board. The RN’s conduct was grounds for violation. Thus, the Board sanctioned and put the RN into disciplinary action. He failed to hire a nurse attorney for full defense towards the filed case against him and had led to the decision made by the Board.

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