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Losing your license may greatly affect your future career, but only if you failed to hire a nurse attorney for your case. There are some RNs and LVNs who missed their chances to get their license saved from revocation just because they weren’t able to hire any nurse attorney to properly defend them.

On or about August 4, 2013, through September 27, 2013, while employed as a Licensed Vocational Nurse in a hospital in Cameron, the LVN signed out Hydrocodone on the facility’s Individual Controlled Drug Records for a patient’s Medical Record. However, she failed to document, or accurately and completely document, the administration of the medications in the patients’ Medication Administration Record.

Her conduct created inaccurate medical records and was likely to injure patients, in that subsequent care givers would rely on her documentation to further medicate the patients, which could result in an overdose. Furthermore, her conduct placed the hospital in violation of Chapter 481 (Controlled Substances Act) of the Texas Health and Safety Code.

Subsequently, the LVN failed to follow the facility’s policy and procedure for wastage of the unused portions of the medications, as summarized below:

Her conduct left medications unaccounted for, was likely to deceive the hospital pharmacy, and placed the pharmacy in violation of Chapter 481 (Controlled Substances Act) of the Texas Health and Safety Code,

The LVN was given the chance to defend herself and denied all the accusations and cases filed against her.

However, without enough evidence to support her case and a nurse attorney to help her, she was discipline. Thus, the Texas Board of Nursing subjected her license for revocation.  

Because of this, the LVN has been subjected for discipline.

Losing your LVN or RN license can compromise your career. However, a skilled nurse attorney can greatly help you in major cases such as this. For assistance regarding your nurse license case, it’s best to contact Nurse Attorney Yong J. An by contacting him at (832) 428-5679.