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Any nurse who faces cases they wish to deny should hire a reliable nurse attorney to strengthen their defense. Professionals help can provide a better form of defense against the Texas Board of Nursing as an RN or LVN faces an accusation of any criminal charge they never committed. This is just one of the many cases the LVN from El Paso should have known had she only hired a nurse attorney to help her.

On or about April 9, 2015, while employed as a Licensed Vocational Nurse, the LVN falsely documented blood glucose results in the medical records of two patients.

The LVN’s conduct resulted in inaccurate medical records and was likely to injure the patients in that subsequent care givers would not have accurate and complete information on which to base their care decisions.

The Texas Board of Nursing summoned the LVN. During the hearing, the LVN states as she was checking the Medication Administration Record (MAR) at shift change she discovered that both patients did not have blood sugar results documented for 4:30 PM, so she inadvertently misread her notes and wrote what she thought was the blood sugar readings onto the MAR. The LVN states that in hind sight she should have checked the glucometer instead of her notes. The LVN further states she admitted making the mistake after a lot of thought, and that she deeply regrets making this mistake.

Despite her explanation, the Texas Board of Nursing still placed her under disciplinary action. Hiring the right nurse attorney for this case would be of great help, knowing that she denied the accusations.

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