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When it comes to disciplinary proceedings before an administrative body in the state of Texas, the first thing that you need to take into consideration is to hire the best San Antonio nurse attorney. This attorney can help any RN/LVN defend herself and try to prevent the revocation of the license of RN/LVN in Texas.

At the time of the incidents, she was employed as an RN at a healthcare services facility in San Antonio, Texas, and had been in that position for five (5) months.

On or about September 17, 2015, and September 19, 2015, while employed as an RN at a healthcare services facility in San Antonio, Texas, and assigned to a patient, RN did the following:

1. RN failed to administer Fentanyl 75mcg as ordered by a physician, in that she altered the Fentanyl patches by cutting off a portion, and as a result, the patient did not receive the full dose. RN’s conduct was likely to injure the patient in that failure to administer medication as ordered by a physician could have resulted in non-efficacious treatment.

2. RN left the patient without proper supervision when she left the patient’s home to retrieve items from her vehicle. RN’s conduct exposed the patient unnecessarily to risk of harm and could have resulted in the patient not getting the care needed.

In response, RN states that she stepped out to her car for approximately one minute to get a copy of her nursing notes, and this was an isolated incident. RN also states that she properly administered the Fentanyl as ordered by the physician.

The above actions constitute grounds for disciplinary action in accordance with Section 301.452(b)(10)&(13), Texas Occupations Code, and are a violation of 22 TEX. ADMIN. CODE §217.11(1)(A),(1)(B),(1)(C)&(1)(T) and 22 TEX. ADMIN. CODE §217.12(1)(A),(1)(B),(1)(E)&(4).

The Texas Board of Nursing then subjected the RN and her license to disciplinary action. The accusation would have been defended by an experienced and skilled San Antonio nurse attorney, had the RN hired one. Hiring a nurse attorney for defense is applicable for any kind of accusation laid against an RN or LVN.

For more details or for a confidential consultation regarding accusations, it’s best to contact an experienced San Antonio nurse attorney. Texas Nurse Attorney Yong J. An is an experienced nurse attorney who has helped more than 150 nurse cases for RNs and LVNs for the past 16 years. You can call him at (832)-428-5679 to get started or to inquire for more information regarding nursing license case defenses.