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If you are in the nursing industry, you should know that you are under scrutiny everyday by the Texas BON and making one or more wrong judgement calls can have a devastating impact on your nursing career.

Let’s Examine the Below Actions That Caused a Nurse to Get Her License Revoked:

A Texas nurse faced three charges that led to revocation of her nursing license.  The first charge was the result of the nurse submitting a fraudulent final evaluation which is a requirement of NURS5366: FNP Primary Care II, which is a course that is required for the completion of the Family Nurse Practitioner Program.

The nurse falsified clinical experiences on the final evaluation by listing several dates that she was not actually present as well as the types of patients that were not at the medical center on the listed dates. In May of 2014, the nurse made admission of these actions in a meeting with executive staff.  The nurse’s actions constituted fraud.

In April of 2014, the nurse was found curled up in her car in a ditch and when emergency crews arrived, she was lethargic and slow in responding. The nurse stated that she had taken a bottle of Xanax.  Later testing in the hospital indicated that the nurse was diagnosed with substance abuse that included marijuana use, alcohol use, Xanax and Phentermine.

The nurse’s condition could have impacted her ability to make rational decisions and appropriate assessments of patients, thus, jeopardizing the health and safety of the patients.

The third incident occurred in May of 2013, the nurse either intentionally or recklessly caused bodily injury to an emergency medical services personnel.

The end result of the nurse facing these three charges resulted in revocation of her license.

Facing BON Disciplinary Action?

If you are facing Board of Nursing disciplinary action, it is imperative to take action immediately and seek the counsel of experienced Houston nurse license defense lawyers.

Properly planning and preparing for your case with the Texas BON could mean the difference between revocation of your license or perhaps a lower penalty of such as suspension or remedial education.

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