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Negligence at work is a serious case, which is why a nurse attorney is needed if you getaccused of this kind of scenario. However, there are some nurses who thoughtthey were guilty of the charges failed to hire a nurse attorney just becausethey thought it’s the doom for their license already. But that is not entirelythe case as there is still hope.

Unfortunately, an LVN from El Paso failed to do this. This results in disciplinary action from the Texas Board of Nursing. Always keep in mind that the Texas Board of Nursing handles all of the cases that may affect the license from receiving the suspension, disciplinary action, or revocation. However, with a right nurse attorney for the case, rest assured that the case can go according to the nurse’s favor, especially if the LVN has a good defense against the case.

On or about  March  31, 2015,  through  April 15,  2015,  while employed as a Licensed Vocational Nurse in a home health care center in El Paso, the LVN repeatedly failed to notify the physician of the existence of worsening skin breakdown and the condition of the wound for a patient.  She documented changes in wound  size, as well  as maceration of the wound,  but did not notifythe physician  regarding  different sizes  and appearance of the wound. 

Ultimately, the patient was admitted to the hospital on April 15, 2015, with wound pain.  This conduct by the LVN exposed the patient to the risk of harm by depriving the physician of vital information that would be required to institute timely medical intervention to stabilize patient’s wound.

Because of this, the LVN was summoned by the Texas Board of Nursing to defend her side. She states the patient was noncompliant in wound care instructions and teaching,   and the patient  was admitted to  the hospital   after  her supervising  nurse  assumed care for the  patient  with complaint of pressure  pain to affected area and urinary  tract infection.

However, her defense and lack of proper nurse attorney to help her resulted in disciplinary action by the Texas Board of Nursing. If you’re facing cases such as this, and you think that additional disciplinary action should not be applied anymore, then be sure to hire a nurse attorney who can fully assist you. Texas nurse attorney Yong J. An is an experienced nurse attorney for more than 14 years. To contact him for inquiries or to schedule a confidential consultation, dial (832) 428-5679 to proceed.