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In the healthcare industry, time is so critical; every second counts and make the difference between a patient surviving or not surviving.


There are measures in place to ensure a high quality of healthcare for all patients, however, when nurses fail to follow standard required procedures, that is when trouble begins.


When a nurse who was employed at a Healthcare center in Houston failed to follow the standard procedures of notifying the appropriate medical staff regarding a change in a particular patient’s condition and initiating emergency medical services; the ramifications were destructive to her nursing career.


Where Things Went Wrong on Her Shift at the Healthcare Center


In June of 2015, a nurse who was on shift at a Houston Healthcare Center, failed to timely notify her nursing supervisor and the center’s medical director when the patient experienced low oxygen saturation, increasing pulse, and decreasing blood pressure for about a time period of (4) hours. Furthermore, the nurse failed to activate emergency medical services.  Then nurse’s conduct resulted in delayed emergency treatment for the patient that was required to prevent further complications, ultimately leading to the patient’s death.


How The Nurse Responded to the Texas BON


Then nurse indicated that the off-going shift reported to her that the patient had a change in condition and therefore she assessed the patient immediately, stabilized the patient and that he vital signs were stable.  One the patient was stabilized, she stated that she attempted to contact the physician but did not receive a return call.  She also indicated that she assessed the patient multiple times and did not find any signs or symptoms of discomfort.  Furthermore, she went to look for the supervising RN and the Director of Nursing but was unsuccessful in getting a response.   The nurse said she recently switched to night shift and this was the first incident in which she was unable to reach the supervisory staff.


The nurse also expressed that she was stressed out and frustrated on how to handle the situation since she was unsuccessful in reaching the appropriate medical staff; that could have guided her on making the right decision.


As a result, the patient ended up dying in the healthcare center before the patient could get emergency treatment.


Could the Nurse Have Handled the Situation Differently?


Perhaps the nurse could have made a judgement call to provide emergency medical care in a timelier manner and maybe the outcome might have been different for the patient…or maybe not…but the point is that the nurse should have done everything in her power to properly attend to the patient’s needs based on the change on condition.


Contact Experienced Houston Nurse Lawyers If You Need Legal Guidance


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