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Any LVN or RN nurse who committed a malpractice, dishonorable act or violation of state laws may be subjected to a disciplinary action. The governmental agency that has the authority to deal with the acts and omissions of the nurses in Houston is the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). This agency is composed of several members who are responsible for hearing and deciding any complaint or case filed before an LVN or RN nurse.

A professional licensed nurse named Genie was involved in a case that was heard and tried by the Texas Board of Nursing. Genie graduated in a medical school in Texas. After a year, she obtained her license to practice the nursing profession in Houston. The LVN nurse has a long list of employment history. Her latest work involved being a private nurse in a medical institution until an administrative charge was filed against her.

In the complaint filed against her, it was categorically alleged that she fell below the minimum standard of care. According to the complainant, she continually prescribed dangerous cocktail drugs without therapeutic benefit. Because of this act, she placed the life of her patient in great danger.

Texas Board of Nursing (BON) issued an order, which placed the RN nurse’s license on suspension for a minimum of three (3) months, and prior to the reinstatement of her license, the RN nurse shall fulfill the following conditions:
a.) Submit to a comprehensive psychological evaluation by a psychiatrist/psychologist approved by the Board, and shall follow all recommendations; and
b.) Submit written evidence of completion of five (5) hours of BON staff approved continuing education hours in the areas of Legal/Ethical issues.

Unfortunately, the RN nurse involved did not comply with the above-mentioned order. For this reason, the Board of Nursing ordered that her license to practice professional nursing remains to be suspended.

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